2005/01/23 日曜日

Qigong Seminarウジ・ゴン気功セミナー

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問い合せ先:セミナーについてのお問い合せ、おもうし込みは、(les123@tkk.att.ne.jp) まで。


– リンパ機狽b゚、老化を防止する
– 深いリラックス状態が得られ、効果的な瞑想ができるようになる
– 常に、体内に良い気を保っていられるようになる
– 自己治癒力を高め、他者を癒す力も高まる
– ヒーラーの方であれば、患者を診断する迫ヘが高まる
問い合わせ先: セミナーについてのお問い合わせ、おもうし込みは、les123@tkk.att.ne.jpまで。
–About Master Fu–
フー老師は、中国仏教のエミリンジ禅気功派という、禅と気功を合わせた流派の13代目頭首です。 このエミリンジ 派は、12世紀に、白雲老師という道教(タオ)から仏教に改宗した老師が、中国の聖地エミ山ではじめたものです。チベット仏教と中国仏教に道教の要素を取り入れながら800年にわたって洗練されてきたこの気功は、非常に幅広いヒーリングと瞑想のテクニックを有しています。フー老師は、先代のもとで9年間にわたる集中的な勉強と修行をし、エミリンジ派のすべての教え技法の伝授を受けて、それを習得しました。老師が学んだのは、禅、仏教、道教、エミリンジ式漢方、気功、太極拳、漢方薬、食事療法、風水、占い、占星学等の多岐にわたります。

Qigong Seminar with Renowned Chinese Zen/Medical Qigong Master Wei Zhong Fu
applications and inquiries: les123@tkk.att.ne.jp

Qigong Seminar
Qigong: simple, effective, and fun to do, it has tremendous practical benefits including slowing the aging process.
Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice of breathing and movement related to Tai Chi.
The form to be presented in this seminar, called Wuji Gong, is a Zen-style Qigong form that can be practiced by virtually everyone regardless of age or physical condition.
Combining classical Chinese forms with modern adaptations, the form consists of a series of movements and easy visualizations.
Its purpose is to enable the practitioner to attain optimal physical and mental health, as well as to experience self-realization, and eventually enlightenment.
Wuji Gong works by opening crucial points in the body and allowing the energy to flow straight to the central channel, dissipating disease and the sick Qi that causes it. By enhancing the function of the internal organs, it prolongs life, preserves complexion, and can even help the practitioner to lose weight.Its many other benefits include the following:
- Slows down the aging process by improving lymph function
- Facilitates meditation by enabling the practitioner to enter into a deeper state of relaxation
- Helps the practitioner to store and build essential Qi
- Promotes greater healing ability for self and others
- Increases accuracy of medical diagnosis (for medical practitioners)
Contact: For further information and registration, send an e-mail to:les123@tkk.att.ne.jp(Japanese and English)
We ask that participants please pre-register by e-mail.
--About Master Fu--
Grandmaster Fu is the 13th head of the Emei Linji Zen Qigong sect of Chinese Buddhism. This lineage was created by Master White Cloud, a Zen master who converted from Taoism to Buddhism, in the 12th century at China's sacred Emei Mountain. Combining Tibetan and Chinese Buddhism with elements of Taoism, the system has been developed and refined over the past 800 years, and now encompasses a vast array of healing and mediation techniques. Master Fu received the entire transmission of the lineage during nine years of intense study and practice with the previous lineage head. His studies included Zen cultivation, Buddhism, Taoism, Emei Chinese Medicine, Qigong, Taichi, herbal medicine, food therapy, Feng Shui, future prediction, astrology, and much more.

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