Joelle Leandre 2005

2005/08/16 火曜日

Joelle Leandre 2005Joelle Leandre 2005

Open: 00:00:00 | Start: 00:00 - 23:59




出演:ジョエル・レアンドレ (コントラバス)、沢井一恵(箏)、斎藤徹(コントラバス)、ブレット・ラーナー(箏)

ジョエル・レアンドレ (コントラバス)
Barre Phillips/Joëlle Léandre/William Parker/Tetsu Saitoh, “After You Gone” (Victo, 2004)
Brett Larner/Joëlle Léandre/Kazuhisa Uchihashi, “No Day Rising” (Spool, 2003)
Joelle Leandre/Kazue Sawai, “Organic – Mineral” (In Situ, 1999)
Joelle Leandre/Tetsu Saitoh, “Joelle et Tetsu” (Omba, 1998)
ごよやく希望の方は、公演名/公演日/お名前/人数/お電話番号を明記の上、メールまたはファックス( 03-5412-0516 )をご送信下さい。

LIVE : Joelle Leandre (contrabass) with Kazue Sawai (bass koto), Tetsu Saitoh (contrabass) and Brett Larner (bass koto)
Joelle Leandre (contrabass) -- a powerful French artist occupying a unique position as a dominant presence in both the European free improvisation and contemporary classical worlds. Her style and force are immediately recognizable. In her performance at SuperDeluxe, the only Tokyo date on this, her first tour of Japan in five years, she will join forces with Japanese legends Kazue Sawai (bass koto) and Tetsu Saitoh (contrabass) and Canadian Brett Larner (bass koto). Each member of the quartet has worked with the others in different contexts but this will be the first time all four players have come together.

Joelle Leandre (contrabass)
Selected Discography:
Barre Phillips/Joëlle Léandre/William Parker/Tetsu Saitoh, "After You Gone" (Victo, 2004)
Brett Larner/Joëlle Léandre/Kazuhisa Uchihashi, "No Day Rising" (Spool, 2003)
Joelle Leandre/Kazue Sawai, "Organic - Mineral" (In Situ, 1999)
Joelle Leandre/Tetsu Saitoh, "Joelle et Tetsu" (Omba, 1998)
Tetsu Saitoh (contrabass)
Kazue Sawai (bass koto)

Brett Larner (bass koto)
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You can also reserve via FAX at 03-5412-0516.
Deadline for a reservation is Aug.15th.

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