AVVA & Läuse

2007/09/25 火曜日

AVVA & LäuseAVVA & Läuse

Open: 19:30:00 | Start: 20:30 - 23:59




出演: Läuse、AVVA (Billy Roisz & 中村としまる)、オペラ南十字星


Läuse (レウゼ) (英語)

Dieb13 (turntables, electronics) (英語)
Erik M (turntables, electronics)) (英語)
Billy Roisz (video, electronics) (英語)


Billy Roisz (video)Läuse
中村としまる (ノー・インプット・ミキシング・ボード)


飯田克明 (poetry reading)
杉本拓 (photo slide, music composition)
宇波拓 (computer)
中村としまる (ノー・インプット・ミキシング・ボード)

23時以降入場無料 & 午前2時までラウンジ営業中!!

Featured: Läuse, AVVA (Billy Roisz/Toshimaru Nakamura),
Opera Southern Cross

Artists' information:


For more than thirty years now, record players have been more than mere players in the technical sense of the word; they have developed into independent musical instruments and the focal points of experimental music and club culture. Starting with the radio DJs of the 50s up to today´s turntablism, a whole universe of musical styles, techniques, and streams have grown around the vinyl disc. eRikm and dieb 13, true masters of this instrument, the record player are interacting with videoartist Billy Roisz, spinning the vinyl for the visual part of the show.
The use of the turntable as an musical instrument is rooted in the techniques of other artistic fields like painting (collage), literature (cut-up) or film (montage). Hence the project LÄUSE is playing with the interleaving between the various art branches, bringing back and forward the impact on each other´s manipulation on the medium. Therefor on the visual side Billy Roisz is using various types of cameras (e.g. microscope cam) to go deep into the grooves and scratches of the vinyl, the structure of the label, the messages on the picture discs. Another link between sound and image is a direct analog transfer of the audiosignal into a video image - into abstract patterns, lines, colors.

Dieb13 (turntables and electronics)
Erik M (turntables, electronics)
Billy Roisz (video, electronics))


Billy Roisz (video) - Läuse
Toshimaru Nakamura (no-input mixing board)

Opera Southern Cross

Katsuaki Iida (poetry reading)
Taku Sugimoto (photo slide, music composition)
Taku Unami (computer) (JP)
Toshimaru Nakamura (no-input mixing board)

free entrance after 11 pm & open for lounge until 2am!!

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