ハードコア 7色

2007/10/06 土曜日

KSS 7daysハードコア 7色

Open: 19:00:00 | Start: 19:30 - 23:59




KSS w/ヒカシュー

日本ポップス界でここまで前衛テイストを醸し出すのは彼らだけ。国境を越えたサウンドスケープ実現!巻上公一 (vo, etc)、三田超人 (g)、坂出雅海 (b)、清水一登 (key)、佐藤正治 (dr)。世界的に知られるスイスのインプロ / エレクトロジャズトリオKSS「コッホ・シュッツ・シュトゥーダー」が待望の再来日!多彩な日本人アーティストを迎え7夜連続で繰り広げられるスペシャルワールド。この秋、六本木に上陸するスイス旋風!

7 Nights 7 Combinations 7 Colors

Koch-Schütz-Studer (myspace)

前売り3日間パック券はこちらから !

スイス・ハードコア 30日間 in チュールッヒ
日時: 10月6日〜12日 21:00
会場: ポレポレ東中野
Tel. 03-3371-0088


Hans Koch (コッホ): reeds, electronics
Martin Schuetz (シュッツ): cello, electronics
Fredy Studer (シュトゥーダー): drums, percussion

高度なテクニックにうらつけられた変幻自在の彼らの音楽は「Hardcore Chambermusic (ハードコア室内楽」ど呼ばれる。これまでにアメリカ、ヨーロッパ各地で数多くのツアー、レコーディングを行ってるが、ついにこの秋スーパー・デラックスにて一週間連続公演決定!アコースティック楽器とエレクトロニクスを駆使し、アバンギャルド、ミニマル、アンビエントも網羅したスリリングな演奏は必見だ。

企画: パンコール、スーパー・デラックス
協力: スイス大使館、ルツェルン市、プロ・ヘルヴェティア文化財団、スイス・フィルム
宣伝広告: 田辺恵里香

KSS are on Intakt Records

23時以降入場無料 & 午前2時までラウンジ営業中!!


Just when you thought, japanese Pop couldn't get any more formulaic, Hikashu, keeping a firm foot in the pop scene since the 80s, do it again: fresh tunes, balancing between catchiness and just the right touch of 'avantgarde' sense. No question: They had to be included into this week to show that japanese mainstream is not just lamestream...
7 Nights 7 Combinations 7 Colors
The internationally renowned Swiss Impro/Electrojazz-Trio "Koch-Schütz-Studer" (KSS) invites selected japanese musicians to a full week of joint concerts and collaborations. 7 days of sparkling musical colors !

Artist information:
Koch-Schütz-Studer (myspace)
Makigami Koichi (vo,etc.), Mita Freeman (g), Sakaide Masami (b), Shimizu Kazuto (key), Satoh Masaharu (dr)

3 day special tickets!

Screening: Hardcore Chambermusic / A club for 30 Days
Peter Liechti's Documentary Film shows "Koch-Schütz-Studer" hard at work: Playing every night for 30 days. Absolutely essential, it follows the process of musical creation and condenses it into gorgeous cinematic images.
Oct. 6.-12. 21:00
Cinema PolePole Higashi-nakano (JP)
Tel. 03-3371-0088


"KOCH-SCHÜTZ-STUDER" has a name on the international scene for it's radical and uncompromising "Hardcore Chambermusic". The three musicians are working together since 1990. Characteristics of their music are hard contrasts, even contradictions. Sequenced sounds from various unrecognisable sources and the use of live-electronics create dense walls of sound which are contrasted with completely acoustic, minimalistic-ambient improvisations.

Analogue ("played") and digital ("programmed") beats are juxtaposed against free "outer-limits"- improvisations. It is a music free of stylistic restrictions. The three accomplished musicians have been working in a "style-free" musical zone for quite some time now and with their live performances at jazz-festivals, in underground rock-and electronic-music-clubs as well as in the context of contemporary "classical" music they are showing that to them an open as well as radical artistic attitude is more important than style-categories or musical genres. Besides their work as a trio, "Koch-Schütz-Studer" have always initiated various projects and worked with musicians/artists from different cultural and artistic backgrounds.

An ongoing project is the group "Roots and Wires" with New-York-DJs I-Sound and M.Singe. The trio‘s CD "Heavy Cairo Traffic" with the renowned traditional egyptian musicians "El Nil Troop" found enthusiastic response from critics and public alike. Their recordings with traditional and improvising Cuban musicians (Koch-Schütz-Studer & Musicos Cubanos: "Fidel" )offer very different and unique takes on afrocuban music. Two recordings have been released with exceptional swiss poet/performer Christian Uetz. The music-theatre-project "antenne karger" with actor Markus Wolff has recently been recorded and will be broadcast in november on radio DRS as a radioplay. The latest CD is "life tied" (intakt) and got fantastic reviews in the press and great feedbacks from listeners.Other ongoing collaborations besides the work as a trio are frequent concerts with british vocalist Phil Minton and a performance program with german author Birgit Kempker. This year the trio has played and will play at numerous festivals like the Willisau Jazzfestival, Jazz em Agosto Lisbon, Jazz à Mulhouse, Enjoy Jazz Mannheim/Ludwigshafen, "izzven"Festival Maribor, Festival Leipzig.

KSS are on Intakt Records

free entrance after 11 pm & open for lounge until 2 am!!

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