2007/10/28 日曜日


Open: 11:00:00 | Start: 11:00 - 17:00




D.H.Rosen展「Out of Reach」
10月23日(火)〜28日(日) 11:00から17:00まで。


D.H. Rosen (陶造形)

2004 年に東京に移ると、器の制作を離れ、大規模なインスタレーション作品に取り組み始める。

D.H.Rosen "Out of Reach" Exhibition!!
October 23rd - 28th 11:00 - 17:00


D.H. Rosen (ceramic artist)

Born 1971 in Philadelphia, Daniel Harris Rosen first went to Japan in 1990 when he fell in love with clay and traditional Japanese pottery. Daniel would go on to spend most of the 90s in Japan doing writing and production work, but he always reserved the weekends for time behind the potter's wheel.
In 2000, he returned to the United States to formally study ceramic arts and spent over three years in the University of Hawaii at Manoa art department honing his craft. During that time, Daniel's work was exhibited at both state and national exhibitions in the United States, and he gained a local following on the island of Oahu where he lived.
In 2004 Daniel moved to Tokyo where he took a break from vessels and began doing large-scale installation work. In March of 2007 he graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from Tama Art University and was accepted into their doctorate program immediately after. His present research and studio work focus on reexamining the boundaries of ceramic arts in a 21st-century context.

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