Antiquation Lounge

2008/05/20 火曜日

Antiquation LoungeAntiquation Lounge

Open: 18:00:00 | Start: 18:00 - 02:00




Improvised Lounge Antiquation Sessions

アンソニー・ビセット HP
cymatics >>> speaker + sand = 必見!!!!!

Improvised Lounge Antiquation Sessions
Hands-on audio-visual playground by Anthony Bisset

Anthony Bisset
cymatics >>> speaker + sand = see!!!!!

Anthony Bisset, Kamisori & friends explore resonance in 3 dimensions:
- sound
- light
- matter

A mixture of analog and digital systems are put on interactive display for those curious about feedback processes and harmonic visualization.

Anthony's hand built synthesizer (DMTi) will provide ambient and aleatoric (chance music + self evolving) soundscapes while interactive motion systems provide visuals (Cymatics & Analog Fractal Video). Kamisori brings advanced DSP and friends(tm) bring their instruments and voices. We expect more questions than answers.

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