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2008/08/12 火曜日

Test ToneTest Tone

Open: 20:00:00 | Start: 20:00 - 23:59




Test Tone vol. 36
Electronic Pieces and Songbook Anthems
出演: Coppe' (jazz set with live band), Oscillator, xtronik (from France), daRte (visuals)


Coppe' + Fred Viennot + Jeff Curry + Zak Bond
Test ToneではおなじみのCoppe'が再び登場。ダブルベース、ドラム、キーボードのメンバーでラウンジジャズスタンダードの新しい解釈を見せてくれる。マーティニでも片手にじゅっくり聴きたい。


Xtronik + daRte

About Test Tone….

Test Tone vol. 36
Electronic Pieces and Songbook Anthems
Escape the simmer of summer and languish in the cool underground cover of the Noisy Hole.
An evening of carefully unwound relounging featuring: Coppe' (jazz set with live band), oscillator, xtronik (from France), daRte (visuals)

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Coppe' + Fred Viennot + Jeff Curry + Zak Bond
For the songstress from Mars, a spaced out version of Fly Me to the Moon with Senor Coconut was the first stop on her way to Earth. At interplanetary arrivals she hooked up with the band and together they set out in a jazz-powered tour bus to spread the word around town. And the word is music. And the music is here.
If you've seen Coppe' play Test Tone before, then it's time to see her again: her live band of double bass, drums and keys will perform a set of relounged jazz standards for an unwound Tuesday. Recommended drink from the bar: martini.

An oscillator is an electronic device that generates a wave that moves from one polarity to another and then back again. The poles in question for this Tokyo four-piece could be electronic and acoustic, or experiment and pop as they move seamlessly from one to another and back again. Or perhaps the poles are unconsciousness and consciousness, the boundary between sleep and waking in which Oscillator is the soundtrack to a half-remembered dream that inexorably slips away.

Xtronik + daRte
Electronic musician and performer Xtronik constructs a dense tapestry of electronica and digital textures in which percussive noise and bleeps collide in a world where division and fragmentation create industrial ambiences, hypnotic melodies and polar atmospheres. Xtronik has collaborated widely with video producers, artists, graphic designers, theater producers and choreographers. He is also one of the founders of POS-K records.
Providing a fitting backdrop of glitchy analog video for the set will be regular Xtronic collaborator, daRte.
xtronik (from France)
daRte (visuals)

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