Floating Worlds

2009/10/29 木曜日

Floating WorldsFloating Worlds

Open: 19:00:00 | Start: 19:30 - 23:59




SuperDeluxe 7th Anniversary!!!!!!!

Floating Worlds Trio Japan Tour

メンバー: アブ・バース(tenor sax, clarinet, 尺八), イグ・ヘイネマン(viola), 八木美知依(20絃箏、17絃箏)

開場 19:00 / 開演 19:30

2007年 Baars+Henneman+Yagi 東京ライブ映像
("Tokyo I, II & III" をクリック)


アブ・バース (オランダ)

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イグ・ヘイネマン (オランダ)

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本プロジェクトは、日本とオランダの4世紀にわたる関係を、音楽を通して回顧・祝福する試みです。 異なる世界どうしの持続的で実り豊かな交流のありようを示すものとなるでしょう。

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SuperDeluxe 7th Anniversary!!!!!!!

Floating Worlds Trio Japan Tour

The music of the Floating Worlds Trio is a dynamic combination of composition and improvisation (played, sung and spoken) that includes modern interpretations of traditional Japanese music, Dutch nursery-rhyme, haiku, and poetry.
Members: Ab Baars (tenor sax, clarinet, shakuhachi), Ig Henneman (viola), Michiyo Yagi (17-string & 21-string kotos)

Open 19:00 / Start 19:30

Video of Baars+Henneman+Yagi Live in Tokyo 2007
(see "Tokyo I, II & III")

The 'floating world', a world adrift, primarily refers to the days of courtisane prints that were part of the Edo era. But floating worlds are also worlds of endeavour, of dreams and continuous change, and they imply 'otherness' and how to look at it, as well as casting a different eye at the familiar.
A source of inspiration for Floating Worlds is the so-called 'Hofreis', a journey from Dejima (Nagasaki) to the military rulers in Edo (Tokyo), undertaken annually from 1609 by successive Dutch commanders. Each commander paid his respects, offered gifts and informed the Shogun about developments in the Western world. These perilous journeys, which often took months and months, figure in several diaries and official reports. The exchange of information between Japanese and Dutch representatives proved to have a significant impact on science, art and culture.
The remembrance and celebration of 400 years of trade relations between Japan and the Netherlands call for this new, 21st-century Hofreis, now undertaken by Baars, Henneman and Yagi. Their artistic cooperation reflects a longstanding and fertile interchange between two entirely different worlds.
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Artist info

Ab Baars (from Holland)

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Ig Henneman (from Holland)

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Michiyo Yagi



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