Low Tide Jam

2010/06/29 火曜日

Low Tide JamLow Tide Jam

Open: 19:00:00 | Start: 20:00 - 23:59




出演:Alex Brooke + Keita plus many special guests!

Alex Brooke + Keitaのライブ後は濃厚メンバーに加えて飛び入り参加自由のセッションです!!!



山本鷹生(from 月の海) :bass
安藤誠英 (from 月の海) :guitar
高橋進(from 月の海) :drums
カツマーレー : guitar / vocal
谷美幸 :drums
諏訪創(from ハリネコ) :drums
沙知(from ハリネコ) :piano / vocal
鈴木真由美(from oscillator) : vocal
鈴木康文(aen) :electro / laptop
david(namaiki!!!) :bass /guitar
堤田ゆうじ(layee) : laptop / effects / PA
noe : sax

檜垣武史(lagimusim) : dance

and more …!!!

LIVE: Alex Brooke + Keita plus many special guests!!
Alex Brooke and Keita kick off the night at 8pm with their "surf rock" guitar stylings, to be joined later by various friends old and new for a free-style jam. Bring your own instruments and stuff to make noise so you can join in the fun. Woot woot!

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