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Heineken Open Design Explorations

エディション1- THE CLUB「ナイトクラブをつくる」

本日、なんとHeineken 1杯 500円でのご提供となります!

Heineken Open Design – The Experts (動画)


アムステルダム 2011年7月28日、Heinekenは、ニューヨーク、サンパウロ、東京、ミラノの新進デザイナーに向け、”最先端なナイトクラブを共同でプロデュースするチャンスを与える”というプロジェクトを、一般公募により受け付けることをアナウンスいたしました。クラブを創造するための、幅広い分野の新進デザイナーたちを、世界各国から募集します。行程は、Facebook ( にて応募→*ぺちゃくちゃないとでのプレゼン→選抜。各都市から、インテリア、モーション、グラフィック、ファッション、プロダクトの各分野より1名、計5名ずつが選ばれ、モーションデザインMiniVegasの創設者 Luc Schurgers や インテリアデザイン Studio Rotella のFabio Rotellaら、世界的に著名なデザイナーの指導のもとに、2011年9月中旬より、デザインチームのメンバーとしてプロジェクトに参加して頂きます。
そして、2012年4月、デザイン・コミュニティーが世界から集う、ゾーナ・トルトーナで開催されるミラノ・サローネ2012 にてプロジェクトの成果が実際に体験できる空間として発表されるのです!



この刺激的で野心的な文化プロジェクトに参加することによって、デザイナーの卵たちが、日常の仕事から解放され、グローバルに彼らの仕事をショーケースするチャンスが提供されるという、贅沢な企画。Heinekenが持ち合わせるデザインの歴史、今年始めのSTRアルミ・ブラックライト・ボトルでの iF アワード、さらには、先頃6月に受賞したCannes Lions での Silver Lion、そして、今んな革新的なことが成し遂げられるのでしょうか!?

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'Heineken Open Design Explorations Edition 1: The Club' open for entries until 21st August'
Designers invited to collaborate on a concept club for Milan’s Design Week 2012

More details are available on the web site...
Heineken Open Design - The Experts


Amsterdam, 28 July 2011 – Heineken® today opened entry to an exciting design project that invites emerging designers from New York City, São Paulo, Tokyo, Milan to become part of a creative journey to collaborate on, conceive and produce a pioneering nightclub.

'Heineken Open Design Explorations Edition 1: The Club' is a unique opportunity for upcoming designers across various disciplines to become part of the design conversation. Selected designers will go on a creative adventure that will culminate in their work being fused together to create a live concept club space that will be open throughout the duration of Milan’s eminent design week, in April 2012, in Zona Tortona, where the international design community can experience it.

During their journey, designers will uncover insights from club life around the globe, exchange ideas with esteemed designers and challenge existing club environments by creating innovative design concepts that will be produced to become part of the club. The ambition is to enhance people’s enjoyment of nightclubs through pioneering design that will have lasting impact on club design around the world.

Enrolment in the project is open until 14th August 2011 and starts by designers submitting a simple portfolio of their work via Facebook ( The project’s coaching panel will then select twenty designers in each of the four cities and invite them to present at a scouting night, powered by the renowned PechaKucha creative format, in their home city of either New York City, São Paulo, Tokyo and Milan. From these events, a final line-up of approximately five designers from each location will be chosen to co-create the club.

Mark Dytham, founder of PechaKucha, said, “The project genuinely has design at its heart and provides a unique and rich opportunity for emerging designers around the world. We are really pleased to be able to lend the PechaKucha powered format as a great way for designers to really showcase their work and what they are all about.”

Starting their journey, in mid-September 2011, the designers will each join a design exploration team and receive specialist coaching from recognised designers in their field, including Luc Schurgers, founder of MiniVegas (motion design) and Fabio Rotella of Studio Rotella (interior design).

A tour of nightlife hotspots will further allow the designers to draw inspiration by observing different nightlife environments and by gaining insights in the science of social interaction. This experience will inform their work and inspire them to create concepts that truly challenge existing clublife design.

In April 2012, the work will culminate in a live event space open throughout the duration of Milan’s eminent design week, where the design community, media and those interested in design can actually experience the club design.

Mark van Iterson, Manager Global Heineken Design & Concept said, “This first edition of the Open Design Explorations provides a real opportunity for emerging designers to showcase their work on a global stage, outside the constraints of their everyday work, by being part of an exciting project with a wide-reaching cultural ambition."

"It is especially exciting as it is the first project in our new co-creation design programme that will see us collaborating on a number of projects over the coming years. We have a progressive history of design at Heineken, illustrated by the fact that Heineken was recently recognised with a Silver Lion at the Cannes Lions in June and an iF award earlier in the year for our STR aluminium black light bottle. We are excited by the prospect of what innovations can be achieved through this programme."

For more information and full details on how to enter visit

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