Max Miller

2012/09/19 水曜日

Max MillerMax Miller

Open: 19:30:00 | Start: 20:00 - 23:59




Max Miller

##Max Miller

Max Miller [Bandcamp](

三上僚太 [Bandcamp](

LIVE: Max Miller Ryota Mikami ##Max Miller ![/sdlx/120919-MaxMiller-4.jpg](/sdlx/120919-MaxMiller-4.jpg) While most bands are busy coloring the world with their emotions, New York City's Max Miller uses his music to explore its edges and depths in a profound search for life's meaning- or lack there of. In between existential rants and musings, he may recall some unfinished business with a hookup of summer's past, but for the most part he would rather walk the tightrope between the real world and the dream world than hold your hand. Max Miller [Bandcamp]( ##Ryota Mikami ![/sdlx/120919-mikami.jpg](/sdlx/120919-mikami.jpg) Ryota Mikami [Bandcamp](

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