Test Tone

2012/11/13 火曜日

Test ToneTest Tone

Open: 20:00:00 | Start: 20:00 - 23:59




[キャル・ライアル × 鈴木康文 スペシャルインタビュー](http://sdlx.blogspot.com/2008/12/blog-post.html)

Guru Host (坂口光央 keys + 一楽誉志幸 drums)
森重靖宗 (cello)
henna RGB
DJ Evil Penguin

ターンテーブリストのL?K?Oは、万華鏡のような魔法を駆使するかのように大きな音を出す。ヒップホップ、エレクトロニカ、その他の珍しい音も聞こえてくる。Test Toneにまた戻ってきてくれた音の魔術師が最高の音を聞かせてくれる。
[L?K?O twitter](https://twitter.com/LKOarabia)
##Guru Host (坂口光央 keys + 一楽誉志幸 drums)
キーボードの坂口光央のプロジェクトGuru Hostは、一楽誉志幸の驚異的でポリリズミックなドラミングが売り物だ。フリージャズや、自由な即興など、様々なジャンルを行きしながらも、音をまとめるところは見事だ。自由な感じで踊るにもいい。
##森重靖宗 (cello)
森重靖宗のように奥深く、人を魅了させるようなチェロを演奏できる人はあまりいない。ソロにしろ、コラボレーションにしろ、森重の音楽は絶大な力を持っていて、彼独自の音の世界に引き込んでくれる。自由な表現と音のパレットを優雅に混ぜて、壮大で気品のある音を聞かせてくれる。今回のTest Toneでは、ソロでボーカルも披露してくれるので、大いに期待しよう。
[morishige Homepage](http://www.mori-shige.com)
##henna RGB (RGB+henna dress)
[henna dress Sound Cloud](http://sound.jp/hennadress)
##Evil Penguin

About Test Tone….

[Test Tone Homepage](http://www.soundispatch.com/ttsnews/) [Cal Lyall and Yasufumi Suzuki Special Interview!! (JP only)](http://sdlx.blogspot.com/2008/12/blog-post.html) Featuring: L?K?O Guru Host (Mitsuo Sakaguchi (keys) + Yoshiyuki Ichiraku (drums) Morishige Yasumune (cello) henna RGB DJ Evil Penguin Artist Information: ##L?K?O ![/sdlx/121113-lko.jpg](/sdlx/121113-lko.jpg) When it comes to enticing mammoth sounds from the universe's dark vinyl matter, no one touches the kaleidoscopic magic of juggernaut turntablist L?K?O. Sit back and let your ears be filled with crumbling hiphop anthems, hermetic chants, primordial electronica, and a bewildering assemblage of psychic rarities. The multi-limbed master of sonic adventure is back, and he's here to help you reach a higher consciousness. Supreme and unfathomable. [L?K?O twitter](https://twitter.com/LKOarabia) ##Guru Host ( Sakaguchi Mitsuhisa keys + Ichiraku Yoshiyuki drums) ![/sdlx/121113-guruhost.jpg](/sdlx/121113-guruhost.jpg) Another project from keyboard dynamo Sakaguchi Mitsuhisa, Guru Host features the polyrhythmic fireball drumming of Ichiraku Yoshiyuki (from post-pop wonder Fratenn) for a tightly wound musical ride. With astounding prowess, Guru Host shift from blissfully enveloping soundscapes to mutant jazz freakouts of brain-damaging complexity, the free-flowing improvisation that binds the music together makes it all the more impressive. Unshackled, damaged, and good for dancing, too. [Sakaguchi Mitsuhisa LINK](http://enjyaqu.main.jp) [Ichiraku Yoshiyuki twitter](http://twitter.com/fragu_rhythm) ##Morishige Yasumune (cello) ![/sdlx/121113-morishige.jpg](/sdlx/121113-morishige.jpg) There are rare few deep listening experiences that meet the mesmerizing cello work of Morishige Yasumune (aka mori-shige). On his own or in a collaborative setting, his music often casts a powerful spell, drawing the listener into the minutae of his magical sound universe. Gracefully fusing uninhibited expression with an entrancing sonic palette, Morishige transcends mere style to deliver something altogether sublime from his instrument. On this evening, his solo performance will incorporate his haunting vocal work, so we can expect a kind of private reverie for Test Tone's lucky listeners. [morishige Homepage](http://www.mori-shige.com) ##henna RGB (RGB+henna dress) ![/sdlx/121113-hennaRGB.jpg](/sdlx/121113-hennaRGB.jpg) In this collaborative project, we see the wonderfully off-kilter and entrancing visuals of video artist RGB get the 'henna dress treatment', which means layers of demented bunnies, wayward scribbles and confused stick men fighting it out for screen time. Perhaps a bit like a Saturday-morning collision between Winston Smith and the Barbapapa family. [rgbvideo.tumblr](http://rgbvideo.tumblr.com) [henna dress Sound Cloud](http://sound.jp/hennadress) ##Evil Penguin ![/sdlx/120214-evilpenguin-w-388.jpg](/sdlx/120214-evilpenguin-w-388.jpg) ##About Test Tone A monthly experiment offering irregular art, music and performance in Tokyo. The Test Tone series aims to offer a venue for diverse and challenging artists to bring their ideas to a larger community. As a free event open to the public, we hope to bypass the old economies in order to create new ones, while encouraging collaboration in all forms. A collage of media, sound and art in a space available to anyone off the street, the event is a bazaar of potential collisions, where passersby are treated to the unexpected. For all of this, we found our home base at Super Deluxe, a unique space in Tokyo's midtown, providing a relaxed atmosphere within its modular interior. The event continues to be a celebration of off-kilter creativity in the city: from installation pieces to performance art and visual collaborations; from noise, electronica, ambient sounds and free rock to disorderly jazz and manipulated field recordings. To date, close to 500 artists have been a part of the event, together creating opportunities for unexpected improvisation, collaboration, and festival spirit. ![/sdlx/test_tone_388.jpg](/sdlx/test_tone_388.jpg)

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