Nayokenza Live

2013/04/04 木曜日

Nayokenza LiveNayokenza Live

Open: 19:00:00 | Start: 19:30 - 23:59




Live: Nayokenza
Special Opening Guest: Jyodan

Artist Information:
[Nayokenza website](
[Nayokenza music](

[jyodan Soundcloud](

Live: Nayokenza Special Opening Guest: Jyodan Artist Information: Nayokenza ![/sdlx/130404-top.jpg](/sdlx/130404-top.jpg) Musically inclined, Intelligent, Gifted, and ethereally beautiful. These are just some of the words that can describe the enigma that is Nayokenza. Having grown up off and on between Tokyo and Orlando, Nayo effortlessly blends influences from Cinderella’s castle to the neon streets of Shibuya to create music and a look that is as unique him. [Nayokenza website]( [Nayokenza music]( Jyodan ![/sdlx/130404-jyodan.jpg](/sdlx/130404-jyodan.jpg) Jyodan is both a singer and a rapper who believes in making music for his friends and his true beliefs. He aims to make realistic music that everyone can relate to. [jyodan Soundcloud](

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    パーマカルチャー・アカデミー・ジャパンのパーマカルチャーデザイン認定 (PDC) コースでは、 自分の暮らしの土台にある生態系とバランスのとれた持続可能な再生システムをデザインする方法についての情報、 アイデア, インスピレー ションに没頭することができます。豊かな暮らしをデザインするための観察力、​創造性とプロセスを身に付ける集中講座です。