light - so weightless we give its name to that condition

2014/02/25 火曜日

light - so weightless we give its name to that conditionlight – so weightless we give its name to that condition

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Ivan Pavlov a.k.a. CoH

コウサカワタル (サロード/三線) × 叶さとみ (シンギングリン)

artwork (c) yuu omiya


Ivan Pavlov a.k.a. CoH (Editions Mego / raster-noton)
1998年よりCoH名義で音源をリリースしているストックホルム在住のロシア人ミュージシャンIvan Pavlov。彼は90年代後半からの、raster-noton、 MEGO、 Eskaton といったヨーロッパのレーベルによるコンピューターベースミュージックの流れの中で認知されてきた。ソロでの活動以外に、過去10年の間にCOIL、Cyclobe、cosey Fanni Tuttiといったミュージシャンとの共同作品をリリースしている。2007年にはPeter Christophersonとユートビア未来的なアートプロジェクトSOISONGを結成、2012まで活動を続けた。2013年5月にはEditions Megoから新作「RETRO-2038」をリリース。

コウサカワタル (サロード/三線) × 叶さとみ (シンギングリン)


叶さとみ (シンギングリン)

ambisonic sound installation AEIVAA - 12 SONNETS FOR THE HUMANKIND Ivan Pavlov a.k.a. CoH guest performance Om-sen-kyo Wataru Kousaka (sarod/sanshin) + Satomi Kanou (singing rin) artwork (c) yuu omiya Artist Info: Ivan Pavlov a.k.a. CoH (Editions Mego / raster-noton) ![/sdlx/130519-CoH.jpg](/sdlx/130519-CoH.jpg) ['son] - noun: "sleep","dream" [Russian] Ivan Pavlov is a Russian-born resident of Stockholm who has been releasing music as CoH since 1998. CoH was among the names recognizable in the wave of the late 90's computer-based music that brought forth such European record labels as raster-noton, Mego, Eskaton, Staalplaat, among others. Aside of the solo productions, during the past 10 years Ivan had also released joint works with other artists including Coil, Little Annie Anxiety, Cyclobe, Richard Chartier and Cosey Fanni Tutti. In 2007 he teamed up with Peter Christopherson to form a utopian futurustic art project called SOISONG, which is due to end in 2012. Om-sen-kyo Wataru Kousaka (sarod/sanshin) + Satomi Kanou (singing rin) Wataru KOUSAKA ![/sdlx/140225-Kousaka.jpg](/sdlx/140225-Kousaka.jpg) Okinawan folklore meets electronica. Raised by a Taiwanese mother and a Japanese father, KOUSAKA Wataru grew up in such diverse places as Hokkaido,Taiwan,Singapore and of course his home base Okinawa, Japan's southern islands.His colorful upbringing is reflected in his un orthodox approach to music. playing traditional instruments like the Okinawan sanshin he makes Asian influenced music after the dub and electro era. In his tunes, many kinds of traditional musical instruments create multiple looped layers with delay. Experience the sound of traditional Japan having the rendevous with the 21st century. ~CAMERA JAPAN FESTIVAL 2011~ [Wataru KOUSAKA official site]( Satomi Kanou (singing rin) ![/sdlx/140225-Kanae.jpg](/sdlx/140225-Kanae.jpg) [Satomi Kanou official site](

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