2014/12/14 日曜日


Open: 17:45:00 | Start: 18:30 - 23:59




12th Annual End of Year Show, and Charity Benefit Featuring Devadasi Dancers, of all levels, including Instructressses, and Mishaal.

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12th Annual End of Year Show, and Charity Benefit Featuring Devadasi Dancers, of all levels, including Instructressses, and Mishaal. A portion of the nights proceeds will benefit 'Bumi Sehat ' - Healthy Mother Earth Foundation, a gentle birth clinic in Indonesia providing free and loving care to all those in need. Once apon a time, the Great Goddess, was known by many names, and was honoured throughout the ancient world. She represents the feminine half of divinity. She comes in all colours, shapes, sizes, ages, and temperaments, and each goddess has her own unique attributes, gifts, and stories. In recent years, we have been shifting, moving out of the era of patriarchy that's lasted some 5000 years. With all respect to the divine masculine, we are moving away from imbalance and moving into a new era of balance where the divine feminine will be seen and heard. The presence of the ancient world Goddesses are being felt, remembered, and awakened in our conscience. Attributes of Goddesses represent divine aspects within ourselves, through dance we can be inspired, and tap into these divine aspects within and bring forth healing energy, strength, power, truth, wild passion, and love out to our world. GODDESS is not a pre-rehearsed choreographed show. It is our offering, in the moment. Each dancer will select an oracle card in the opening of the show, and she will prepare herself to become an open channel allowing the qualities of her chosen goddess to flow through as she dances, and embodying the goddess. Featuring dancers of all levels, including all Devadasi instructresses and Mishaal, creatrix of Devadasi Studio. More Information... [devadasi Homepage](http://www.devadasi.jp) [facebook.com/devadasi JP](http://www.facebook.com/DevadasiJP)

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    SuperDeluxe presents: SupernaturalDeluxe Vol.5坂田明 × Susana Santos Silva × Giovanni Di Domenico × 小暮香帆 × 中山晃子

    Open: 16:30 | Start: 18:00 - 19:00

    ヨーロッパと日本の注目アーテイストによる音楽・ダンス・Alive Paintingのコラボレーションを見逃しなく!ジャンルやメディアを超えるワールドクラスの即興パフォーマンスを是非体験してください。
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  • 2023/06/20 火曜日

    Permaculture Academy Japanパーマカルチャーデザイン・コース

    Start: 終日/All Day

    2023年6月20日〜26日 と 2023年8月8日〜14日(合計12泊14⽇)
    パーマカルチャー・アカデミー・ジャパンのパーマカルチャーデザイン認定 (PDC) コースでは、 自分の暮らしの土台にある生態系とバランスのとれた持続可能な再生システムをデザインする方法についての情報、 アイデア, インスピレー ションに没頭することができます。豊かな暮らしをデザインするための観察力、​創造性とプロセスを身に付ける集中講座です。