Big Frog & Majestic Circus

2015/01/24 土曜日

Big Frog & Majestic CircusBig Frog & Majestic Circus

Open: 18:30:00 | Start: 19:30 - 23:59





Big Frog
Majestic Circus


Big Frog
“Bleshing” をキーワードに1996年東京都内のライブハウスで活動開始。2007年解散。2014年9月に再始動
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Majestic Circus
彼らのインスピレーションを音でデッサンしていくような、力強くも繊細でピュアにきらめく美しい音の群、喜怒哀楽、言葉に変換不可能な全ての感情を喚起させるグルーヴィーなリズムが津同居するMAJESTIC CIRCUSのサウンドは、我々リスナーとの音によるコミュニケーションであり、ジャンルも世代も性別も国境も越えた、あらゆる調和のもとの共通言語に通ずる奇跡である。 “MAJESTIC CIRCUS”とは、 ジャンルに固執せずあらゆる音楽を追究し、アメーバーの様にこれからも増殖し続 けていく楽団であり、これからの細分化しきった音楽シーンを大きな流れへと導くのに必要不可欠な存在となるに違いない。
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LIVE: Big Frog Majestic Circus Artist Information: Big Frog ![/sdlx/150124-bf.jpg](/sdlx/150124-bf.jpg) Big Frog formed in 1996 at the onset of the Tokyo jam band scene. Their unique sound blends the frenetic energy of Tokyo with a plethora of influences from British and American rock. 2000 was a landmark year for the band, as they opened for Phish at the Hibiya Amphitheater in Tokyo. From that point on, they made big waves in the jam scene in Japan as well as abroad. They’ve opened for the likes of Moe., Little Feat, Steve Kimock Band, David Nelson Band and played after parties for bands like String Cheese Incident and Keller Williams. They have played twice at the legendary Wetlands in NYC while touring in the states. 2003 found the band overseas again playing at the Melkweg in Amsterdam. In 2004, they had the honor to perform at the Jammys Award Ceremony in Madison Square Garden. Big Frog continued to impress audiences abroad in 2005, when they played in front of 10,000 people at Moe.down. They have a tight bond with Moe. that continues to this day. The band has played 3 memorable performances at Japan’s largest music festival, Fuji Rock. After years of extensive touring in Japan and generating a dedicated following throughout the country, the band broke up in 2007. While the hiatus was tough on the band and fans alike, the 7 year fermentation process has resulted in a rejuvenated and raging Big Frog! Join them as they rock the Bay Area this October! [BigFrog Offical Web Site]( Majestic Circus ![/sdlx/150124-mc.jpg](/sdlx/150124-mc.jpg) Formed around Mabee and Keiji, original members of Japan’s first jamband “Big Frog”, Majestic Circus was founded in 2002. Originally being a name for an event organized by Manabu, Majestic Circus soon became the name of the band. In the beginning members were still fluctuating before the present constellation of 7 musicians took place in 2003. Majestic Circus’ magic, after all, may best be found in their live appearances in which they go on an amazing trip together with their audience. The sound those 7 people produce on stage truly reminds one of a circus unleashed. Sometimes hot and funky and sometimes floating in an open space where you don’t know where they go, just when it seems they’re stuck in a no way out improvisation, a fresh jam, gentle like a spring nightwind might unfold, winning the audience’s heart and taking them along on a trip to the unknown. While different musical styles like rock and world-music meet in their songs, the message always comes down to which seems to be the most important: “HAVE FUN!” Simply enjoy the music and transport this feeling back to your daily life. This is what the members took from their experiences at Grateful Dead or Phish shows and the depth of Majestic Circus’ music reflects these experiences of every single member. Once you hear them, they got you and daily life’s stress might dissolve as you depart with them for this journey of sound. [Magestic Circus Offical Web Site](

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