Fade To Winter

2015/11/26 木曜日


Open: 19:00:00 | Start: 19:30 - 23:59






19:00 オープン

19:30 上映「Tamashii」Ross Reid [プレビュービデオ](https://vimeo.com/125650803)

20:30 上映「Fade to Winter」MSP Films [プレビュービデオ](https://vimeo.com/136572841)
MSPはアメリカでも老舗のスキーフィルムプロダクションで、その新作上映会は毎年何万人ものスキー好きを映画館に集めます。この秋リリースされる「Fade to Winter」は、ファンが待ちに待った2015年の新作で、この秋、世界80箇所以上で上映されます。北海道のキロロと層雲峡で撮影された映像が入っていますが、日本での上映があるのはここだけ!

[Japan Mountain Lovers オンラインコミュニティ](http://www.meetup.com/Japan-Mountain-Lovers/events/225905865/)

There are tons of ski films in the world which have footages taken in Japan. It's sad we have few places to watch them in Japan, the best snow country on earth. Two films released this winter will be projected to be shown here for the first time hope we can enjoy together! ![/sdlx/151126-FTW-FB.jpg](/sdlx/151126-FTW-FB.jpg) 19:00 Doors Open 19:30 Tamashii by Ross Reid [TRAILER video](https://vimeo.com/125650803) Ross Reid is an independent ski filmmaker. He and 3 skiers, Andy Mahre, Karl Forstvedt, and Anna Segal came to Hakuba this year to take their film called "Tamashii" soul in English. They didn't ask any sponsors to film and edit this movie, rather it is funded through Kickstarter in order to keep their creativity from corporate marketing orders. Hakuba has far more severe mountains than those in Niseko and this is probably the only movie taken there since the legendary Jeremy Jones movie "Further" in which he said mountains in Hakuba has "Alaska-type of faces". I supported their project as well and really stoked to have the opportunity to show this to people in Japan. Otherwise this movie wouldn't be exposed to us. 20:30 Fade to Winter by MSP Films [TRAILER video](https://vimeo.com/136572841) One of the four major ski film production companies in the US, Matchstick Productions will launch their signature movie this year with footages from Kiroro and Sounkyo, Hokkaido. There are more than 80 shows all over the world with this film but no other in Japan. [Japan Mountain Lovers meetup group!](http://www.meetup.com/Japan-Mountain-Lovers/events/225905865/)

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