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2017/05/30 火曜日

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Open: 19:00:00 | Start: 19:30 - 23:59




Our Love Will Destroy the World(ニュージーランド)
秋山徹次+キャル・ライアル デュオ
Red Brut(オランダ、ロッテルダム)
Evil Penguin

Our Love Will Destroy the World (from ニュージーランド)
(ex. Birchville Cat Motel aka Campbell Kneale)
Campbell KnealeはBirchville Cat Motel名義で他に類のない作品群を生み出した後、Our Love Will Destroy the Worldという名義で久々に日本のツアーを行う。ニュージーランドの北島と南島を分かつ沿岸のローワー・ハットから、Campbellは世界にその名を轟かせ、Thurston Moore、Lee Ranaldo、Steven Stapleton (Nurse with Wound)、 Anla Courtis (Reynolds)、Neil Campbell (Vibracathedral Orchestra)、Matt Bower (Hototogisu, Skullflower) など、多数のアーティストたちとコラボレーションを行ってきた。彼のラウドで素晴らしいコンポジション/ドローンスケープの作品は多方面から絶賛され(イギリスのオルタネティブ雑誌THE WIREからも大きなサポートを得ている)、その伝説的なライブは挑戦的かつ挑発的、さらに破壊的で過激に息をのむようにして心へ突き刺さり、時間感覚を完全に失うことで知られている。


Cal Lyall



Red Brut(オランダ、ロッテルダム)


Live: Our Love Will Destroy the World (from New Zealand) Tetuzi Akiyama + Cal Lyall Duo JSCA (from Rotterdam, Holland) Red Brut (from Rotterdam, Holland) DJ: Evil Penguin Artist Information: Our Love Will Destroy the World (from New Zealand) ![/sdlx/170530-campbell.jpg](/sdlx/170530-campbell.jpg) (ex. Birchville Cat Motel aka Campbell Kneale) After creating an unparalleled body of work under the name Birchville Cat Motel, Campbell Kneale embarks on a long awaited tour of Japan under his most recent moniker, Our Love Will Destroy the World. Coming from the deep reaches of Lower Hutt, on the rocky coast separating North and South New Zealand, Campbell has made a name for himself worldwide, collaborating with Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, Steven Stapleton (Nurse with Wound), Anla Courtis (Reynolds), Neil Campbell (Vibracathedral Orchestra), Matt Bower (Hototogisu, Skullflower) and many more. His loud and glorious compositions/dronescapes have been acclaimed by many (gaining huge support from UK-alternative music magazine The Wire), and his legendary live performances are renowned for being 'challenging, brash, fragile, evocative, haunting, breath-taking' and utterly timeless. This is a rare chance to see a crucial figure in the modern noise/drone/psych scene at his heartiest and heaviest. Tetuzi Akiyama ![/sdlx/170315-Akiyama-388-KV.jpg](/sdlx/170315-Akiyama-388-KV.jpg) Cal Lyall ![/sdlx/161104-cal2.jpg](/sdlx/161104-cal2.jpg) JSCA (from Rotterdam, Holland) Pulsating sine- and square waves, clattering synth noises and detached female vocals. []( Red Brut (from Rotterdam, Holland) Debut album released on vinyl from belgium Kraak, April 2017. [](

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