Day 2:角銅真実 × 小暮香帆「波²」

2023/12/10 日曜日

SuperDeluxe presents: SupernaturalDeluxe Vol.7Day 2:角銅真実 × 小暮香帆「波²」

Open: 15:00 | Start: 16:00 - 17:00

鴨川 SupernaturalDeluxe


12月9日(土曜日)& 12月10日(日曜日)



Day 2: 12月10日(日曜日)
開場 15:00 / ライブ 16:00〜17:00 (1セット) / 閉店 19:00
前売 ¥3,500 | 学割 ¥2,500 | 当日 ¥4000
チケット販売中 ⇒⇒ Peatix (Day 2 日 Sun)





角銅真実 Manami Kakudo
Manami Kakudo black & white illustration

小暮香帆 Kaho Kogure
Kaho Kogure black & white illustration
ダンサー・振付家。自身の作品を発表しながら様々な領域で動きの美学を展開。近年は他ジャンルのアーティストとのコラボレーション、映画/映像作品への振付出演、パリコレクション出演など活動の幅を広げている。主なソロ作品「ミモザ」(2015)「D ea r」(2023)など。DaBYレジデンスアーティスト。めぐりめぐるものを大切にして踊っている。

illustrations by Manami Kakudo

SuperDeluxe presents:
SupernaturalDeluxe Vol.7

Manami Kakudo x Kaho Kogure
Join us for a very special performance of live music and dance.
Saturday, December 9th and Sunday, December 10th.

Day 2: Sunday, December 10th 2023
Open 15:00 / Live 16:00~17:00 (1 set) / Close 19:00
Advance: ¥3500 | Student: ¥2500 | Door: ¥4000
Tickets On Sale Now via Peatix Day 2 (SUN)

* Limited 50 tickets.
* Student discount is for High School and under. Student ID required.
* Parents of children in preschool or under may bring 1 child per 1 parent.
* Tickets required for elementary school age children and older.

Manami Kakudo (music)
Kaho Kogure (dance)

Food & Craft Beer:
Otaki Brewery & Ikebukuro Ale House

Artist Information:

Manami Kakudo
Manami Kakudo black & white illustration
She grew up surrounded by the mountains and rivers of Nagasaki Prefecture. While working as a trained percussionist with a background in contemporary music, her unconfined, free-spirited music and performances emerged around 2016, featuring marimba and other percussion instruments, vocals, spoken words, music boxes, cassette tape players, and household goods.
She has released three albums to date.
Besides her solo project, she participates in numerous live shows and recordings for bands such as cero, dip in the pool, and TAIKUH JIKANG while producing for films, theater, dance, and installation art.

Kaho Kogure
Kaho Kogure black & white illustration
Dancer/Choreographer. Began dancing when she was 6 years old. She has worked on her own solo pieces since 2012, with joining other performances at theater, music live, social media in variety scenes. She has worked with many choreographers, such as Akira Kasai. Currently she has been collaborating with various art projects, musicians and films then also choreographing for that like musical theater, commercials, movies and more. Repetitive experience what goes around is motivated for her dancing.

illustrations by Manami Kakudo

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