Arild Andersen Trio

2010/09/07 火曜日

Arild Andersen TrioArild Andersen Trio

Open: 19:30:00 | Start: 20:00 - 23:59




Arild Andersen トリオ:Arild Andersen ((bass), Paolo Vinaccia (drums), Tommy Smith (sax)) opening act: Oncenth Trio (岩見継吾(bass), 栗田妙子(piano), 池澤龍作(drums)) / ECMを代表するオスロ出身のベーシストで Scott LaFaroから脈々と続く白人系ベーシストの系譜を受け継ぐ演奏テクニックを持つArild Andersen(b)がトリオにて登場。 これは本当に滅多にないチャンス。 そしてオープニングアクトとして、気鋭のベーシスト岩見継吾率いるOnthence Trioが登場!

Arild Andersen トリオ


Arild Andersen (アーリル・アンダーシェン)

Paolo Vinaccia

Tommy Smith

写真は左から、Paolo Vinaccia (drums)、Arild Andersen (bass)、Tommy Smith (sax)

Oncenth Trio

Oncenth Trio myspace

東京JAZZ 2010

Arild Andersen Trio: Arild Andersen (bass), Paolo Vinaccia (drums), Tommy Smith (sax) / opening act: Oncenth Trio (Keigo Iwami (bass), Taeko Kurita (piano), Ryusaku Ikezawa (drums))

Anchored by the massively sonorous, muscular double bass playing of Andersen, who has been one of the major figures in Scandinavian jazz since his early 1970s work with Jan Garbarek, the Arild Andersen Trio marries melodic invention with crisp rhythms and rich coloring. Scottish saxophonist Smith’s tough yet tender tenor playing and Italian-born, Norwegian-based Vinaccia’s creative, imaginative drumming combine with Andersen’s remarkable flexibility and use of multi-layered lines to create a sound that’s orchestral in scope and yet superbly mobile. Arild Andersen was named European Jazz Musician of the Year 2008 by the Academie du Jazz in France for this trio's critically acclaimed release "Live at Belleville" (ECM, 2008)

Arild Andersen

Born in Norway October 27 -1945 . Arild Andersen has been one of Europe's leading bass player since the early 70s. Andersen started out as a member of Jan Garbarek Quartet (67-73) . The group also included Terje Rypdal and Jon Christensen. In the same period he also worked with Norwegian singer Karin Krog and played in the rhythm section for visiting American musicians such as; Phil Woods , Dexter Gordon, Hampton Hawes, Johnny Griffin, Sonny Rollins, and Chick Corea. He also worked with Don Cherry and George Russell in these years.
The official homepage of Arild Andersen

Paolo Vinaccia

Born in Italy, Paolo Vinaccia has lived 25 years in Norway and is central in the Norwegian and European jazz scene – well known for his wizard abilities on a number of rhythm instruments, as well as the drums. Paolo is one of the most sought after studio musicians in Europe with over one hundred recordings. Paolo Vinaccia has collaborated with such great artist as Palle Mikkelborg, Mike Manieri, Jon Christensen, David Darling, Nils Petter Molvær, Ketil Bjørnstad, Terje Rypdal, Bugge Wesseltoft among others.
The official homepage of Paolo Vinaccia

Tommy Smith

Tommy Smith's special talent was obvious as soon as he appeared on the Edinburgh jazz scene in his early teens. He recorded his first album, Giant Strides, at the age of sixteen in 1983 with drummer John Rae, and that same year he won a scholarship, assisted by an extensive fund-raising programme organised by his music teacher, Jean Allison, to attend the prestigious Berkley College of Music in Boston. Tommy Smith just (jan 09) received the honour of being awarded with the BBC 'Heart of Jazz' Award 2008.
The official homepage of Tommy Smith

Top photo from left, Paolo Vinaccia (drums), Arild Andersen (bass), Tommy Smith (sax)

Oncenth Trio

Oncenth Trio myspace

Keigo Iwami (bass)
IWAMI blog

Taeko Kurita (piano)
KURITA homepage
Ryusaku Ikezawa (drums)
IKEZAWA homepage

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