Out of the Blue

2012/04/03 火曜日

Out of the BlueOut of the Blue

Open: 19:15:00 | Start: 20:00 - 23:59





##Houribe LOU
ハンマーダルシマーの甘美な音色を軸に、様々な民族音楽、民族楽器を取り入れ、伝統にとらわれない独自のスタイルを展開している Houribe
LOU 【ホウリベ ルウ】世界観をより広大にする藤澤、本間の旋律と、4人のドラマーによる絶妙なコンビネーションドラミングそのどっしりとしたグルーヴは、現代人の奥底に根を張る土着的原始衝動を呼び起こす。


##Mars Colony
それぞれ違うフィールドを歩いてきた4人がお届けするイタズラなPOP PUNK ROCK。きっと、ちょっと笑顔になれるはず。

##Samishi Cowboys


##Kim (DJ)

##Produced by TokyoDex

Out of the Blue After 4 years of splashing paint, throwing mashmallows, and playing all manner of exotic instruments, the members of the Blue Man Group are hanging up their cobalt caps and saying sayonara to Japan. Come join the full cast and crew as they gather to say good-bye and share a side of themselves you likely haven’t seen before. *Please note: There will be no appearance by the Blue Man members in costume. ##Horibe LOU ![/sdlx/120403-HouribeLou.jpg](/sdlx/120403-HouribeLou.jpg) Featuring the mellow tone of hammered dulcimer, Houribe LOU incorporates various styles of ethic music and instruments, developing his own style independent from tradition. Fujisawa and Honma’s melodies expand sonic possibilities with superb percussion combinations by four drummers. This solid and thick groove calls up a primitive impulse rooted at the core of our souls. [Homepage](http://loujapan.com/) ##Callum's Whisky Tales ![/sdlx/120403-CALLUM-SWHISKy.jpg](/sdlx/120403-CALLUM-SWHISKy.jpg) Callum Grant is a Scottish singer song writer who, well, sings and writes songs. When he is not clinking glasses or sharing tales of joy and despair, he performs in Blue Man Group to pass the time. Fellow Blue Man Eric Gebow provides the beat for his ambient guitar and smoky vocals. [Homepage](http://www.reverbnation.com/callumswhiskytales) ##Mars Colony ![/sdlx/120403-MARs-Colony.jpg](/sdlx/120403-MARs-Colony.jpg) Inspired by the music of bands like Foo Fighters, The Clash, and pretty much everything else we hear around us, MAR's Colony puts on a high energy show featuring the songs of Mari Konno. The band features the talents of Mari Konno on vocals and guitar, Greg Vyrostko on guitar, Atsushi Omata on bass, and Alain Rochefort on drums. [www.reverbnation.com/marscolony](http://www.reverbnation.com/marscolony) ##Samishi Cowboys ![/sdlx/120403-Samishi-CowboysPromo-Shot-1.jpg](/sdlx/120403-Samishi-CowboysPromo-Shot-1.jpg) We are a band from Tokyo, Japan, where black crows own the sky and black hair the glittering streets. We play songs about love and dreams, and the moon which mirrors such things so excellently. [facebook](https://www.facebook.com/pages/Samishi-Cowboys/23112401946) ##MADRUGADOR ![/sdlx/120403-00-Madrugador.jpg](/sdlx/120403-00-Madrugador.jpg) Solo project of Latin percussionist Issei. Playing on pure instinct, MADRUGADOR delivers versatile timbales solos and an ever-morphing Latin groove. ##Kim (DJ) ![/sdlx/120403-kim.jpg](/sdlx/120403-kim.jpg) Usually the frontman for the popular Tokyo duo "the Unhellys," Kim will be leaving his trumpet, guitar and delay pedal at home and instead bring his favorite jams to play for you all night. ##Produced by TokyoDex ![/sdlx/120403-TOKYODEX-logo.jpg](/sdlx/120403-TOKYODEX-logo.jpg) [facebook](https://www.facebook.com/TokyoDex)

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