2012/05/12 土曜日

Toyo Kataoka Exhibition東陽片岡展

Open: 13:00:00 | Start: 13:00 - 23:59





展示時間:13:00 〜 18:00
Talk Show:16:00 〜 17:30

##東陽片岡 (とうようかたおか)
東陽片岡 @ 青林工藝舎
東陽片岡 @ ウィキペディア


##Toyo Kataoka Exhibition Original manga artwork and new drawings by Toyo Kataoka. 13:00 open / 18:00 close Talk Show 16:00 ~ 17:30 Toyo Kataoka + Akito Inui ##Toyo Kataoka ![/sdlx/120510-Toyo-03.jpg](/sdlx/120510-Toyo-03.jpg) The world of Toyo Kataoka revolves around stories about common folks and his manga has very little to do with extravagant lifestyles or sci-fi/fantasy. His characters include vagrants, poor retirees, prostitutes, mechanics, and the manga-ka himself. They're lazy bums, womanizers, and they lack of self discipline. They do not care about the future and live in the moment to their heart's content. If they wish to laugh, they laugh, if they wish to cry, they cry. They do not act and are not pretentious. The stories are mostly humorous and Toyo's unique incredibly detailed drawing style is particularly suited to his subject matter. Toyo does not use any screen tone and draws everything by hand, including numerous tatami mats. See below for some English translations of his manga. The low resolution scans don't do justice to his wonderful drawing but at least you can read a story or two.. drop by to see his work in the flesh! [Toyo Kataoka in English](http://rootstudio.tumblr.com/tagged/Toyo-Kataoka) Toyo Kataoka O-FUZOKU diary (JP only) Toyo Kataoka @ Seirinkougeisha (JP only) Toyo Kataoka @ wikipedia (JP only) ##Akito Inui ![/sdlx/120512-inui.jpg](/sdlx/120512-inui.jpg) [Crack Iron Albatrossket website](http://www.tetsuwari.com/top)

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