2013/08/21 水曜日


Open: 19:00:00 | Start: 19:30 - 23:59




エチオピア生まれのSofia Jernbergは北欧のアーティストのなかでも特にユニークな自身の「声」によるパフォーマンスを披露してくれます。この日は作曲家としても多忙な日々を過ごす彼女の生命力に溢れ、ミステリアスなパフォーマンスを初来日のタイミングで目撃する貴重な機会となりそうです。そして母国ノルウェイ音楽シーンを初め、世界各国でめざましい活躍を続けるKim Myhrは今年の秋にせまった初めてのソロCDの発売を前に一足早く12弦ギターによるソロパフォーマンスを披露してくれます。サックス奏者の Espen ReinertsenとトランペットのEivind LønningによるStreifenjunkoはとても精度の高い演奏能力を持ちそれでいてシンプルで味わい深い音色を響かせ演奏を構成していくとてもユニークなアプローチのサウンドが持ち味。真夏に届く三者三様の北欧からの風はきっと新しい音楽体験に満ちたものとなるでしょう。

Sofia Jernbergソロ
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Sofia Jernberg

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Kim Myhr

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[SOFA]( is a Norwegian record label for improvised music, and this august we present three fantastic acts in Japan. Live: Sofia Jernberg solo Kim Myhr solo Streifenjunko Artist Information Sofia Jernberg ![/sdlx/130821-SofiaJernberg.jpg](/sdlx/130821-SofiaJernberg.jpg) Ethiopian-born Sofia Jernberg has become one of the most characteristic young voices in Scandinavia, and this is her first ever performance in Japan. The leader of groups PAAVO, New Songs and a number of other projects, Sofia is a powerful force on the european scene, just as comfortable with Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire as she is with explosive improvised music. With a technical mastery of the voice rarely heard, she pushes what is possible to do with the voice. Sofia is also a busy composer, making collaborations with europeans chamber ensembles like DuoEgo, The Peärls Before Swïne and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. [Sofia Jernberg Official]( Kim Myhr ![/sdlx/130821-KimMyhr.jpg](/sdlx/130821-KimMyhr.jpg) Kim Myhr is an active voice of the creative music scene in Norway, and has performed widely throughout the world. Myhr's first solo cd will be released autumn 2013. His solo music explores the acoustic possibilities of the 12-string guitar, and can remind the listener of early music of Ligeti and of Morton Feldman, but it also contains an energy and simplicity similar to american folk music. As a composer, Myhr wrote "stems and cages" for the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra in 2009 featuring Sidsel Endresen, and later a piece in 2011 from the same orchestra with Jenny Hval as a singer. Myhr also plays in the trio MURAL, with whom he initiated a project with the Rothko Chapel in Houston, Texas, with a cd released in 2011 and several concerts in this very special space. [Kim Myhr Official]( Streifenjunko ![/sdlx/130821-Streifenjunko.jpg](/sdlx/130821-Streifenjunko.jpg) Streifenjunko was the first proof of a long lasting relationship between saxophonist Espen Reinertsen and trumpeter Eivind Lønning, that is also found in other bands like Oslo/Tokyo-based Koboku Senju and Christian Wallumrød Ensemble. Streifenjunko has a unique repertoire that you will find no other place, that bears mark of the musicians affection for instrumental precision and for the simple tune. Streifenjunkos second release "Sval Torv" is a beautiful double vinyl with artwork by Kjell Bjørgeengen and liner notes by Jim Denley. It was listed in Chicago Reader's Top Ten albums of 2012 by Peter Margasak. [Streifenjunko Official]( Top Image by TSUNAO ARITA

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